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Poetry. One of my first loves. When done properly, it is one of the most effective  vehicles for deconstructing illusion and misinformation. It admonishes, scolds, sympathizes redefines and interrogates knowledge and understanding.

Our youth have poetry just like prior generations did. The most popular and accessible form is Hip Hop music. Less popular but possibly more compelling is what we refer to as “Spoken Word Poetry.” In honor of Amiri Baraka the great Black poet, intellectual, activist, I present 7 poems Black youth should hear and discuss in an effort to deprogram themselves from the inundation of nonsense graciously provided by those who devalue them.

1.” I Am The System” – Prentice Powell. Brilliantly and creatively performed poem in which “The System” speaks to Black people exposing how it deceives, exploits and oppresses us.

2. “Imagine” -Black Ice. A critical portrait of life for Black youth in America contrasted with how…

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